Take Advantage

It was a 3 hour tour
It was a 3 hour tour

Some people carry a camera with them wherever they go. I don’t but I’ve started carrying one more often. Mostly out of guilt, because I have an amazing Fuji X100T that doesn’t get used nearly enough. It’s become my carry (almost) everywhere camera.

I was having a rather unproductive afternoon on Thursday, when a friend texted me, “Want to meet for a beer?” Sure, why not, it’s not like I’m getting anything done anyway. I packed my laptop into its bag so I could do some work from a coffee shop for a couple of hours after. I threw the X100T in the bag, just in case.

Driving down one of the backroads towards the bar, I saw this boat in a field, not far from the side of the road. Initially I drove by, not giving it much thought beyond, “strange.” But after half a kilometre or so I thought, “I really should make a photo of that,” so I turned around, parked on the side of the road and made a few photos with my X100T. I also made one with my iPhone to post on Instagram.

After my beer with Bob, I drove down the same backroad towards a great coffee shop near my house (the same coffee shop I’m in now). I didn’t notice if the boat was still there or not.

Later in the evening, I needed to pick up a few groceries. The trip to the grocery store would take me down the same backroad, so I thought, “the light is better, and I’d really like to capture the boat with a wider lens to show more of the field.” I grabbed one of my Fuji X-T1’s and the 10-24mm lens.

The boat was gone. Just an empty patch of dirt where it used to be.

I’m glad I stopped and I’m glad I had a camera with me. It made me late meeting Bob, but he understood. This isn’t the photo I really want, but if I didn’t have my camera, and I didn’t stop, then I wouldn’t have any photo at all.

P.S. For the youngen’s out there (under 40), wondering about the caption for the photo, Google “Gilligan’s Island

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  1. I also saw that boat when I was driving home that same day. There were a couple of cops beside it probably trying to figure out just how something like that happens. There didn’t even seem to be a trailer nearby. Just a boat in a field.

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